• Innovative, Trend-Setting, Reliable Stehle has been developing and producing professional wood processing tools for the craft sector for more than 100 years. About Stehle

  • Tools consistently according to material It's easy with Stehle! Which material needs to be worked on? Choose the right tool! To the tools

  • Planing and finger jointing Stehle is known for their high-precision and economic cutterheads for the machining of solid wood.

  • Contact Get Stehle tools from a specialized dealer with expert advice or from a tool sharpening service. To your Stehle dealer

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive range of woodworking tools from the Stehle brand with an optimum price-performance ratio.

consistently according to material & application

The tooling requirements of modern craftsmen, interior designers, booth builders and shop fitters have changed greatly.
Panel-sizing machines and CNC technology - nowadays almost no firm can go without them. In addition: Todays material diversity (mineral materials, plastics and composites in pure form and in combination with wood or wooden materials) increasingly require specific knowledge regarding the suitability of tools.

Make it easy for yourself!
Use Stehle's know-how and color coding system to quickly find your tool!

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